Corbin seat fitting

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As is typical with Corbin products, the quality on the Corbin Gunfighter & Lady seat is first-rate. However, when you pull off your OEM seat, you may have trouble getting the Corbin to latch in its place. This should not be a big surprise, as their tolerances are very, very tight. Some people might be tempted to grab a knife and whittle down the rubber stops. Do not ever do this to your Corbin seat. The rubber stops will mold to your frame over time, and it is important you don't chop them up. If you have this problem, buy some 1/4 inch washers with a height of approximately .75 mm to place under the latches to lessen the tolerance. One washer on the driver's side and two on the passenger side worked here.

Corbinmod4.jpg Corbinmod3.jpg

Corbinmod5.jpg Corbinmod6.jpg