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  • If you just need to replace your stock cans, you can usually find some decent used ones on eBay.
  • All aftermarket exhausts are loud; that's what their target market wants.
  • Yes, you have to rejet.
We're really sick of this one. Using an aftermarket exhaust will cause your engine to flow more air, making it run leaner. This means that you will have to adjust your bike's intake if you change the exhaust.
If you want your engine to last longer and perform better, you'd be well advised to check the jetting. If you don't want to rejet after changing your exhaust, we're not going to stop you. Just don't come whining to us.
  • Muzzy is the only company making full exhaust systems for the Ninja 250F.

Exhaust choices

Will a new gen 2:1 exhaust fit my 88-07?

Muzzy Exhaust

Yoshimura Slip-ons

Two Brothers Racing Slip-ons

Custom, Tunable Supertrapp Slip-ons


The following systems are no longer manufactured, but may be available used.

Yoshimura Full Exhaust

Kerker Exhaust

Cobra Slip-On Exhaust


I want to repaint my exhaust pipes

Cleaning your exhaust pipes