Fuel Hose - replace

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You can get fuel line (hose) at any auto parts store. The hose must be designed for use as a gasoline fuel hose. You can't put just any piece of plastic hose on, as it will be easily corroded by the gas. Bike dealerships are known to sometimes carry thin tubing; look for heavier automotive hose made by someone such as Goodyear. Be sure to dispose of any residual gasoline and the old hose in a safe manner.

Make sure you get the correct size. The bike comes with 5/16" hose. 1/4" works; it's a little tough to get on, but it will stay without a clip. If you have an inline fuel filter, the 1/4" may have a tendency to kink. 5/16" line goes on nice and easy, but it will leak a little without a hose clamp of some sort.