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Review by frequent guest ATG

This is a product that will keep the wind off your hands and make it possible for you to ride in colder weather than you can without them. Think of Hippo Hands as mittens for your grips.



From 32F/0C to about 45F/7C my hands still get cool after 45+ minutes at highway speeds, even using winter gloves inside the HH. Without HH, however, at the lower end of this temperature range my hands would soon be frozen to the point of being unsafe.

I've tried the HH on the highway at 48F/9C with my summer gloves, but after about 20-30 minutes I learned that the summer gloves are not warm enough for this. (Without HH, I wouldn't have been able to wear the summer gloves at all in 48F/9C cold.)


HH are well put-together, and the openings stay open. That's important, because if you pull your hand out while riding you many need to be able to get it back in quickly and without looking down. (I've read that some HH imitations don't stay open nearly as well.) I might replace the tie-on strings with some thin web straps + velcro, because the strings seem to work loose. (That's not a huge flaw; the HH aren't going to fall off even if the strings come undone.)


The HH maker no longer produces a model for the 250, apparently due to liability-related concerns that the headwinds may press the mitts back on the levers because the 250 has no mirror stalks to secure them. However, the HH representative suggested I consider the model he used on his Connie, and that's what I ordered. I haven't experienced any pressure back on the levers on my ZZR250, nor has there been any problem with the mitts obstructing my fingers reaching for the levers.


After a bit of practice, I can put them on in a minute or so. That's important, because sometimes I don't want to leave a C$90 item on the bike.


HH do for you and your ride what Uggs do for a lady. However, if you ride in the Canadian Rockies, the scenery may concentrate attention away from what your bike looks like.



I'd buy these again. I can ride for hours in zero-degree C temperatures without my fingers becoming dangerously cold, and that's never been possible before. In warmer but still-cool temperatures I can be more comfortable. Because Alberta has such a miserable climate, I'll probably bring them along in the top box on out-of-town rides whenever it looks like the day may turn cold.

Combined with heated grips

Another member writes in: These Hippo Hands work well, and even better along with heated grips. I've been using them for many years, as have many other people. Using the HH along with heated grips, you can use your heated grips on a lower setting, therefore using less of our precious few watts of electrical power, and I can wear my normal leather gloves in the winter time. I even tried my mesh summer gloves and my hands were fine.