I can ride just fine after a couple beers, right? Right??

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So, you think you're a pretty good rider. You passed the MSF course, you have some experience, and you're not an inexperienced drinker, either. You've even driven home in your car after the occasional party with no ill effects. So, a few beers before hopping on the bike isn't going to hurt, is it?

Here's a rather sobering article from the pages of Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine. It's called Rolling Stoned: Experiments in Riding Drunk. Please read it. Even if you don't care about your own skin, the rest of us are quite fond of ours.

If you're going to drink, take one of those yellow cars with the lights on the top. That will help you avoid the black & white cars with the lights on the top.

Taxi dui poster final.jpg

Bar tab napkin final B.jpg

For more information on safe-riding equipment, strategies, techniques and skills, see the Street Survival section of MotorcycleCruiser.com. Just because it says Cruiser doesn't mean you can't learn something.