I want a small flashlight so I can see my stuff

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Our fans write us:

There have been many times while riding at night that I wished I had a light to read directions on my tank bag, or to fish around in my tank bag (sometimes to find the flashlight that's hidden in there).

So I bought a tiny little flashlight for $7 at Target. It's called the Inova Microlight. My original intent was to affix a light to my windscreen pointing down at my tankbag, but this unit comes with a clip for affixing it to a zipper pull, so that's exactly what I did. With my left hand I can easily grab it and squeeze it to turn it on, and point it at my tankbag or wherever else I need light, even while riding. I can count on it always being there and being quick and easy to turn on. With the zipper at the top of its run, the light is in a perfect location.

It also features a constant-on mode, with three primary modes: bright, dim, and flash. You can also switch it to signal mode so that it's only on while pressing the button. For more information, see Flashlights Unlimited, or Google. There are many places on the internet that sell this light, if you can't find it locally.