My battery is dead; how do I bump/push start my bike?

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Get the bike rolling with the transmission in neutral, the clutch pulled in, and the ignition and engine cut-off switches on. Stand up from the seat, then simultaneously drop to the seat as you press down into first and release the clutch. Dropping to the rear of the seat will give the rear tire the extra traction it needs to get the engine rolling. Just release the clutch momentarily and then pull it in again. That way if the engine has caught, you can give it some gas with the clutch disengaged. It should be less prone to immediate stalling this way. You could just get on the gas with the clutch out, but then you have a lot of things going on at once and less chance of success.

Practice this ahead of time, and see if you can get your bike into second gear. It should start more easily in second, but this may not be possible due to the positive neutral finder. You have to be going over about 5 mph.

The bike won't roll very well when it's in gear, which is why pushing in neutral is advised. The drag from the wet clutch and transmission is very noticeable. And if it's colder than about 50-60F outside and the bike is cold, it will probably be very difficult to do. You may want to try jump starting it instead.

If you can find a small hill to roll it down, that's always a bonus. It's not strictly necessary, though.

Just remember that if your battery is completely toast all the starting attempts you can try won't keep it running. You do have to have a functioning battery in the bike in order for it to keep running. If it's just run down and not truly dead, though, this method should be able to get you going again.