My sidestand switch doesn't work right

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Note: The clutch safety switch works in tandem with the sidestand switch. Please read both articles. Also click here for more information on the safety switches on the EX250.

The sidestand switch is activated by a little plunger that's pressed in by the sidestand. It can get stuck "in", usually by a combination of chain lube and road grime. When that happens, put the bike on the centerstand (or otherwise support it), put the sidestand up, grab the little plunger and pull it out...

This switch can fail sporadically, making the problem difficult to track down. You can try to clean the area around the plunger, but if it still doesn't work correctly you should replace the switch. It's an important safety device, designed to keep you from riding off with the sidestand down.

You can test your switch by disabling it. Simply unplug it from the wiring harness and plug the male and female bullet connectors on the harness together. This should be seen as a test/temporary measure only. The real answer is to replace or repair the switch. If you do disable it, make sure you put your stand up every time you take off. Turning the sidestand into a tripod and launching yourself into the air is not recommended. You can ask Bokonon about this; he thinks this is what caused his crash, but he is unable to remember...