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Of all the things we do here at N250RC, encouraging rider training is one of the most important. Rider education is the single best mod because what you learn transfers from one bike to another. The basic lessons do not change from bike to bike, only the application in context. Whenever you switch to another bike, there is always a period where you are becoming familiar with that bike's intricacies, but the core concepts do not change.

General techniques

Basic Controls

E-Z shifting for beginners

I want to improve my riding skills. What exercises can I do?

Tips & tricks for successful riding

Tips & tricks for successful riding 2

Icon_mini_members.gif Should I take an MSF course?

Riding The Pace

Accelerating, changing gears

Approaching an intersection

Riding in the rain

Picking up the bike when it falls over

Can I ride my bike home if the clutch cable breaks?

Turning and leaning

Turning a motorcycle

Looking through the curve


Shifting body weight for a turn

Staying light on the bars

Entering a turn too fast

Scraping Pegs

Dealing with crosswinds

Maximum lean angles

Going around a cloverleaf

Braking while downshifting/Blipping the throttle

Dragging a knee

Losing traction


Using front and rear brake

Maximum braking

Trail Braking

Stopping in traffic

Articles & books

Ninja 250 Rider's bookshelf

Total Motorcycle's Beginner's Guide to Motorcycling

Safety Tips, Tricks, & Techniques by Jerry Palladino

50 Ways to Save Your Life Motorcyclist Magazine

Learn to Ride Faster Preparation for track riding