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This article is for the 88-07 EX250F. If you would like to see how the Ventura rack fits on the 2008+ EX250J, click here.

A Ventura rack is a good way to make your commuting or touring experience more pleasant. Distributor for the US is Ventura USA.

Our man bought all the pieces for his rack used, and it came with lots of extra stuff that you will have to buy separately: Two racks, the bike-to-rack connection pieces (L-Brackets), the hardware allowing the connections, and a tailbag that attaches to the rack.

This is the sport rack. It is certainly much smaller than the touring rack, but is almost as useful.


This is the touring rack, which is much taller, to allow better bungee connections and better stuff-holding capability.


Installing the rack is really easy. The installation requires only two tools: a screwdriver and a 10mm wrench (after incessant ribbing, our man bought a real screwdriver). First off, remove the screws that hold the luggage (bungee) hooks in place.


Next, you will need to install the L brackets that mount the racks. To do this you need to insert the 2 bolts on each side into the holes.

InstallingVenturaRack004.jpg InstallingVenturaRack006.jpg

When both sides are on they should look like this.


Now, unscrew the mounting screw with your fingers and insert the rack with the crossbars parallel to the ground and facing the rear (you may be able to make it face the front as well; this wasn't tested, although it works on a lot of bikes). This one was purchased used, and the left side L-Bracket was bent outward a little, which means that it has to be bent in toward the other one in order for the rack to slide into position. Despite this handicap, you can switch the racks in about 30 seconds to a minute.

This is the mounting screw; there is one on each side.


When the rack is inserted into both holes and completely pushed down, tighten the mounting screws and torque them down as much as you can using your fingers. Once this is done, the rack is fully installed.

InstallingVenturaRack013.jpg InstallingVenturaRack014.jpg

Saddlebags fit fine over the mounting bracket.


This is the bag hooked on to the touring rack. The bag is huge - probably about 60 liters. This picture is WITH a helmet in it, and it still has room for a six pack (or two) of soda.

InstallingVenturaRack018.jpg InstallingVenturaRack019.jpg

The only worry with the Ventura is in overloading it; maximum capacity is listed at 20 lbs. You may want to use saddle bags for tools and other heavy items and the rack for lighter camping stuff and whatnot.

Here is what breaks before the overloaded rack would... It's the tab on the frame that the bungee hook screws to. That's after many thousands of miles of overloaded use, though. Also make sure to watch out for bolts starting to bend.